Voice over IP - from £10 per month!

Our basic VoIP package includes that following options as standard...

An incoming UK Geographic Number (i.e., 01/02)
Voicemail to Email
Online Billing
Call Forwarding


The following options are available above and beyond our basic package...

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Menus £5 per month
Call Recording £5 per month
UK Geographic Number (e.g., 01/02) £5 per month
UK Non-Geographic Number (e.g., 0800/0845/etc.,) £5 per month
Fax to Email Number £5 per month
Number Porting (i.e., port your BT number to VoIP) £5 per month (+ one-off £30 fee)


Call Rates...

Outgoing UK Geographic Calls (i.e., 01/02) £0.01 per minute
Outgoing UK Non-Geographic Calls £0.05 per minute
Outgoing UK Mobile Calls £0.10 per minute


Call Packages...

1000 Minutes to UK and International Landline Numbers £10 per month
Unlimited minutes to UK and International Landline Numbers £15 per month
All prices stated above are for services hosted on the Crossfire Solutions central server and are subject to a minimum 12 month contract.  If you require your own VoIP server (e.g., to act as a PBX for your office), please let us know and we will be only too happy to provide you with a quotation.